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Katrin Fallah


​I am a multidisciplinary artist with a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Art Studies from the
University of North Texas. My concentration area of art is studio art, media art, and new media
art. I have actively participated in group art exhibitions and collaborated with cultural
organizations and media productions. I have also served as an art director in art projects and
Growing up in post-revolution Iran, I always consider being a voice to the voiceless in every
project I undertake. Inspiring from my personal experiences and then projecting that through my

Art, I explore the challenges faced by the people who have been marginalized due to gender
discrimination, religious prejudice, political perspectives, sociocultural differences, or any other
form of limitations that is considered as otherness. In my recent videos, I have concentrated on women,

especially the women of Iran, and the systematic discrimination they experience.

As an artist, I try to reflect on the world that I am dealing with through some concepts or through my expression,

no matter what medium I am using. I believe that medium serves as a vehicle. In a sense that I try not to limit myself

to one form or medium in art making, and so I try to push the boundaries to experiment different mediums in order

to convey my feelings and to engage my audience effectively.
As an educator, I put all my efforts and passion into art classes so that my students can explore
and understand different methods and styles of art throughout history and in contemporary art
practice. Through visual art activities, I encourage my students to experiment with a variety of
techniques and materials in order to reinforce their creativity and talents.




Master's degree 

University of North Texas

Let’s Work Together

Frisco, TX

Tel: 214-355-8893

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